Wednesday, February 1, 2012

iPad 3 - Why It Is Way Better Than Older iPad Versions?

The new iPad 3 has an exterior that looks almost similar to the iPad 2 but you know what they say about not judging the book, in this case, the iPad by its exterior; the updated brand new iPad is in the market to revolutionize the use of technology in ways that Apple is just made to do.
So why is it better than before?
Graphic Excellence via Retina Display
The iPad3 comes with a major feature worth mentioning, which is the Retina Display. The 9.7 inch screen is packed with 1536x2048 pixels (higher than Blu-ray and MacBook Pro) that will promise you a real startling crisp screen display. And do note that it is even higher than a 62-inch Full HD plasma TV! To date, the excellent screen is one of the most striking features ever to be seen on a tablet. It's like staring into a glossy printed magazine that can be effectively viewed at any angle minus the glare.
Reading text on the new iPad will forever define the joy of digital reading as the letters are pin sharp thanks to the power of Retina resolution. Compare it yourself by viewing text on iPad 2 after using the new iPad and you will no doubt notice that apparent fuzziness in the older version. If you love reading on the go, the iPad 3 is naturally worth considering!